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Shiny New Wood Sheds

Day two is all about our shiny new wood sheds... I should say, I won't be doing this blog every day, but we have 4 days straight to work on this, with our friends helping, so the race is on to get as much done as possible while we've got help! Today we put the 4 new woodsheds into place while Heather and Chloe, and Heather's parents sorted the office, and started moving the wood. There is
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It begins!

So today is the first proper day of converting our barn! The plumbers arrived before Christmas to start installing the new Biomass Boiler which will allow us enough capacity to heat both the house and the barn. This has the knock-on effect of kick-starting us into clearing the barn so that the underfloor heating can be laid. Once that's in, then we can work out our final floor heights so that we can do the insulating
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