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It begins!

So today is the first proper day of converting our barn!

The plumbers arrived before Christmas to start installing the new Biomass Boiler which will allow us enough capacity to heat both the house and the barn. This has the knock-on effect of kick-starting us into clearing the barn so that the underfloor heating can be laid. Once that’s in, then we can work out our final floor heights so that we can do the insulating of the walls and then ceiling.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves – clearing the barn!

So one of the problems is that the Woodshed is going to be a bedroom… But it’s currently VERY full of wood. We’ve (Heather has) decided that we need to store the wood from the woodshed in racks along the back of the veg patch, so Day 1 is building new wood sheds for the wood so that we can start to clear the wood shed tomorrow. While Andy (my friend) and I are building racks, Heather and her mum and Chloe (her friend) set about clearing the office and setting it back up in the dining room in the house.

By the end of Day One (about 2am!) we have 4 nice new wood sheds ready to put into position tomorrow, we’re quite proud of them!

Wood Shed


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    I didn’t realise I was going that bald!

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