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Shiny New Wood Sheds

Day two is all about our shiny new wood sheds…

I should say, I won’t be doing this blog every day, but we have 4 days straight to work on this, with our friends helping, so the race is on to get as much done as possible while we’ve got help!

Today we put the 4 new woodsheds into place while Heather and Chloe, and Heather’s parents sorted the office, and started moving the wood. There is a LOT of it! Andy and I put the wood sheds into position which also involved moving the path forward two feet and relaying it. It was laborious, but a job worth doing properly.

Wood Sheds in position

Once they were in place it was all hands on deck to move all the wood into them. In the end we even had to create two overflow piles which we’ll use up first. The day finished with us having a quick look at what was involved in breaking up the concrete floor in the office. We’ve been told that the floors need to all be the same level throughout the barn for the underfloor heating, so we’re going to have to break up the floor in the old office, then relay it lower with concrete. We’ll also have to concrete the old woodshed floor to bring it level with the main room of the barn, and we’ll fill in what will become the outside seating area and bathroom too. Lots of concrete to come, but first we need to break up that floor. That’s tomorrow’s job…

Full Wood Sheds


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